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In other Bandom Big Bang news, I made a complement fanmix for aethel's podfic of the Frank/Gerard sexswap fic Wake Up and Notice. It has female artists, references to cunnilingus, and cheesy sexual innuendo.
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It's finally here!!! I'm not sure how I managed to finish this with all the chaos going on in my personal life, but it's done and posted. I also received gorgeous companion art by [personal profile] rosiedoes

Title: To Soothe a Savage Breast
Band: Fall Out Boy
Ship: Pete Wentz/Joe Trohman/Patrick Stump
Tags: Van Days, Werewolves, Witches, Spells Gone Wrong, Age Difference, Dudes in Distress, Original Character(s), Dom/sub, Puppy Play
Summary: In 2001, Pete Wentz makes a bargain: he'll give his heart to an ancient wolf spirit, and his new band with Joe will be successful. But magic works in unexpected ways, and soon their new band is being hunted by a predatory young alpha who wants them as her playthings. Wracked with guilt and struggling to make things right, Pete makes enemies of a powerful Chicago-area pack.

In 2002, Patrick might have the weirdest band in the Midwest. Followed by strange animals and aggressive thugs, he struggles to find his place in the personal dynamics of the band. Meanwhile, Pete struggles between wanting Joe and not wanting to ruin him, wanting to take care of his friends and wanting to be take care of, and having his heart belong to the wolf while his body doesn't.
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For accountability purposes, here is my bandom trope bingo card, with links to completed fics.

Bodyguard scenarios/AU

MCR, Ray/Mikey
Time travelPenance or reform

YBC, Joe/Patrick

Hurt/comfortDancing AU

FOB, Patrick-centric
Food pornAnimal transformation
Beloved enemiesGenderswap
Free Space
Bath timeCuddlingMirrorsBodyswap

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I was frustrated by my Big Bang and my job, so I wrote some crazy kinky vampire fic. This feels a bit extreme even for a fandom that's 80% vampire AUs, but I have no regrets.

Title: On Tap
Relationship: Pete Wentz/Joe Trohman
Tags: Vampires, Blood Drinking, Pulse Kink, Cock & Ball Torture, Oral Fixation, Erectile Dysfunction, The blowjob equivalent of vagina dentata, Masochism
Summary: Ever since the change, Pete's appetites have been a bit unusual. Joe is more than happy to help.
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I've been diving into bandom recently, and I just signed up for [community profile] bandombigbang. A big bang has been on my fannish bucket list for a while, and I've signed up for two in the past that wound up not working out, so hopefully third time's the charm.

Reading bandom fic after being in hockey fandom is an interesting experience. There's obviously a lot of trope carryover (although hockey needs more vampires), and a lot of similarities between the structure of the fandoms themselves--two juggernaut ships with completely different supporting characters, abnormally intimate work relationships, a third juggernaut that gained prominence after the original fans moved on, pre-fame fic where they're awful repressed teenagers, hotel room sex. It's new and shiny for me, but familiar.

I didn't listen to the bandom bands as a teenager, and while I find them catchy, I'm mostly in it for hot tattooed guys and lots of quality fic. Whereas hockey fandom has a lot of people just in it for the tropey fic, but it's a deeply rooted part of my identity that got me through some shitty times in high school and college. Being so emotionally invested probably made the fandom a worse experience for me, but it's probably why I can't seem to quit it either.

But I'm looking forward to trying a big bang, and I'm writing some fun iddy tropes. Not looking forward to having Fall Out Boy stuck in my head for the next six months, but what can you do.
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I've been taking some time to work on original stuff, but I wrote a little Finn/Rey medfet for the Force Awakens kink meme. I also wrote something a bit more noncon-y, but I'm not sure whether I have the balls to post it in namespace.

(The state of this fandom makes me sad, because I remember reading incesty Han/Luke/Leia when I was pretty young. Finn is a babe and I want to read about terrible things happening to him, why is that so hard?)

WIP meme

Feb. 6th, 2016 03:30 pm
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FIRST — the first two sentences of my current project
LAST — the most recently written two sentences of my current project
NEXT — the next line. meaning i will finish the sentence I’m on and write a new one, which you’ll get.
[insert prompt here] — you post a prompt, and i’ll write three sentences based on that prompt, set in the same time/setting as my current project
THE END — i’ll make up an ending, or post the ending if i’ve written it
BEFORE THE BEGINNING — three sentences (or more) about something that happened before the plot of my current project
POV — something that’s already happened, retold from another character’s perspective

I'll let you choose from my two current active projects, both hockey:

Jones/Quick and Jones/Toffoli, sequel to Touch Therapy
Carter/Richards, switching and rough undernegotiated D/s (fyi, everything I've written so far takes place when they're 16-17).
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I wrote three things for fandom stocking: two little ficlets and a short one-shot.

Put a Baby In Me, Hockey RPF, Tyler Seguin/Brad Marchand, impregnation kink/awkwardness

untitled Rivers of London ficlet, Peter Grant/Beverly Brook, pain play/bondage/knife play

untitled Hockey RPF ficlet, Patrice Bergeron/Andrew Ference, Boston-area college hockey AU

And now a meme. Anyone on my flist heard me complaining a lot about writing burnout this year--it was partly real life stuff, partly fandom drama, and partly my own fault for signing up for too many exchanges. But I took a break from certain fandoms, and then I took a break from fandom altogether, and now I'm trying to figure out how to participate in a balanced way that doesn't drive me crazy. 

I wrote eight fics (five Raven Cycle, three Hockey RPF) for a total of 11,319 words. The shortest is 682 (there's a 618 one, but it's an outtake more than a real story) and the longest is 3205. Not a very impressive wordcount, but since the fic that gave me the most trouble is less than 2600 words, it's probably for the best.

fic list by month )

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TFW you basically invented a tiny fandom to nominate it for yuletide, but it got no love, and then you find a present for it under the tree in October! This is exactly the kind of slinky, sexy retro romance I had in mind. It's wonderful.

Cool Hearts and Hands and Aptitude, angelheadedhipster, Lana Del Rey/Dan Auerbach, M
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All told, this was a really fun exchange to end my year on, and I'm happy it got off the ground. My gift fic was for my home team OTP, and it's hilarious and sweet and full of idiot boys being idiots about each other. One of those fics that's fun because you can tell how much fun the author had writing it. 

Resistance is Futile by teacups_masala, T, Brad Marchand/Tyler Seguin

Brad Marchand assimilates Tyler Seguin to the gay. At least that what he thinks.

Inconveniently, this coincides with the 2011 playoffs.

I did not manage any treats, sadly, but here's my assigned fic:

Touch Therapy, T, Tanner Pearson/Tyler Toffoli, Martin Jones/Tanner Pearson/Tyler Toffoli

Tanner Pearson is catnip for tactile empaths. It has its downsides.

This is not the fic I mentioned struggling with in my last post--that fic is something dark, kinky, and difficult that I still plan on finishing. The above fic is something I wrote in the twenty hours before the deadline, with no advanced planning whatsoever, for a ship I didn't offer. 

Because I had less than a day to plot and write a postable fic, I made up most of the worldbuilding as I wrote, with only a couple basic ground rules. Quickie is a blood empath for the sake of a goalie weirdness joke (and because I've written another fic where Quickie has a weird thing for blood), but because it's right in the beginning, I had the whole rest of the fic to flesh out his abilities and his relationship with Joner. Ask me about any other kind of psychs and I'll come up blank.

I put so little work into the worldbuilding that I'm slightly amused by how much people liked it, but vague implications tend to work better for these kinds of AUs. But there was a lot of stuff that grew in the background of the fic, and Tanner is an unreliable narrator who can only think about his crush, so maybe I'll put together some tidbits from around the psychic NHL. 
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I have about 1200 words written of my hockey rare pairs assignment, and it's...nowhere close to being an actual story. I spent the three day weekend reading the Man From UNCLE kink meme instead, and it was nice to hang out in a fandom space that wasn't overtaken with heavy, serious discussions about heavy, serious issues. I'm just here for cock and huge men beating each other up.

I'm tired for a happy reason--I got a promotion I was really hoping for--but it's pretty much doubled my workload and level of responsibility. I definitely won't be signing up for Trick or Treat, and I probably won't sign up for Yuletide either :( It's mostly fest fatigue and regular fatigue, but I have an unfortunate habit of picking favorite ships and tropes that run directly opposite fandom preferences. It's tiring, even in fandoms where you won't be chased out with pitchforks for liking problematic things. 

I'm going to try really hard to write the exchange fic that exists in my head, and to write the treats I have bookmarked. I might sign up as a yuletide beta, just to hang around and be involved (and once the hockey exchange posts at the end of September, anyone on my flist is welcome to hit me up for beta stuff in my fandoms). And it's almost huge-men-beating-each-other-up season again. I'm lucky enough to have grown up in a great hockey town with lots of great hockey people, and my favorite parts of rpf fandom are the ones with the same sense of passion and community and ridiculous over-investment. I love the people in hockey fandom writing weird dark kinks, the homers writing about the cities they love, the people who love fights and thugs and rivalries, the people rooting for unpopular teams and converting newbies to the dark side. It's just like home, except with more gay sex.
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Hello writer! I tend to write really long letters, so think of these as optional inspiration more than rules. Feel free to mix and match the prompts as well, if I gave a prompt for Marchand/Seguin that you think would work well for Oshie/Toews or whatever. I have no strong feelings either way about non-famous girlfriends/family members, so do whatever works for you and the story.

A note about noncon: I didn't select noncon in the warnings option because I'm not interested in it for these pairings, but it's not a trigger issue, and I like a lot of dubconish kinks and tropes. So if you want to write something a little coercive or dirtybadwrong, I am so on board. The worst I'll be is annoyed, and that's unlikely unless you make the Bruins evil rapemonsters.

LIKES: complicated characters and relationships, obsessive codependency, a strong sense of place, "straight" dudes getting their buddies off and really liking it, sexual discovery, actual hockey, sports psychology, anything that deals with roles and expectations (captain/rookie/vet/thug/chirper/etc), bed sharing and cuddling (especially if it starts out platonic), boys being boys, boys having trouble expressing their feelings, food as a metaphor for love, drunk or high sex, rough sex, pain/blood/bruise kink, dirty talk, humiliation, daddy kink, crossdressing and gender fuckery (especially for big burly dudes), soulmates and their complications. I like omegaverse, d/s verse, and kneelingverse as long as the sub/omega/kneeler is strong-willed or feisty and the kinky stuff isn't solely focused on the top making the bottom feel safe.

DISLIKES: kidfic, marriage fic, non-hockey AUs (incuding AUs where half of the pairing still plays hockey), zombies, excessive description of BDSM safety protocol or aftercare, serious injuries or death, fic about serious issues, always-a-girl AUs

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Lucic is...a surprise, to say the least. Someone on deke_dangle put it wonderfully: he may be a piece of shit, but he's our piece of shit. Every hockey fan in the world hates him except for Bostonians, which is making me more upset than it probably should. Please take care of him, LA, I promise we'll get some new adorable rookies for Jones to have sexual tension with.

Hamilton isn't as surprising, given the Bruins' track record, but now I have a defunct 27 jersey. Someone get on that Thornton/Kessel/Seguin/Hamilton orgy fic stat.
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I'm still really busy and really tired, so not much writing is happening. The Raven Cycle big bang mod has been MIA since April and never send the first check-in email. I haven't started writing my fic yet, and I haven't been in the mood to write dark and depressing things, so I probably will not write the fic this summer unless the mod gets their shit together. 

I wrote a thing for the recent kinkfest on the hockey fandom kink meme. It even killed a little bit of my writers block. So I guess I'm really writing for this fandom again? I might actually write something longer than 1000 words.

I keep plotting and drafting and scrapping entries explaining my complicated feelings about hockey fandom, but I'm in an emotional place where I can handle the Blackhawks winning another cup without wanting to break things, so I think I'll be okay dipping my toes in again. There also seems to be an upswing in people writing rare pairs and underrepresented teams, which makes it easier to avoid certain ships.

I'm only halfway through the Rivers of London series, but I can already tell the fandom is going to be a bad fit for me, because the further I read, the more I want Peter Grant being sexually menaced by every powerful supernatural woman he meets. And Peter/Leslie endgame. I really need to stop developing het OTPs in fandoms that are 99% one dominant slash pairing (cough, Kingsman).

Per my new icon, I've met Bobby Orr, and he is very charming and funny and still kind of a fox. 

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I just realized I never posted my shipswap 2015 fics. My gift was Not So Weak That I'm Not Strong, a lovely Nat-centric Steve/Sam/Natatasha fic with lots of good whump.

I wrote who's gonna ride your wild horses, as well as nocturnal admissions which is an outtake from "wild horses." Both are Gansey/Ronan with strong Ronan/Declan elements.

cut for writing talk and a little whining )

Now I'm starting to work on my fic for the tumblr Raven Cycle big bangRead more... )
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Yanked from [personal profile] snickfic because accountability is the only way I finish anything these days. Also because I'm shifting in and out of old fandoms and felt a mighty need to organize everything.

Things I have every intention of finishing:

--my shipswap assignment

--the prequel to Your Pretty Face, which explains how Brownie and Quickie started having super kinky bruiseplay sex. Also, one of the few things I've written from a masochist's POV.

--the college hockey omegaverse fic that I talked about last post

--the super secret abandoned WIP that will stay super secret until I un-abandon it (which was my one writing goal for this year)

--the Raven Cycle horror fic where Adam, Blue, and Ronan (attempt to) resurrect Gansey with dark magic

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Mar. 28th, 2015 12:36 pm
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Instead of working on my shipswap assignment, I spent half of last weekend writing college hockey A/B/O with original characters. I spent the other half watching my real life college hockey team win a divisional title, which is what put me in the mood for pack cuddling and team dynamics and youthful enthusiasm (they're the youngest team in the division, and holy shit, if you thought hockey hugs in the NHL were adorable...)

I forgot how much fun it is to write the hockey part of hockey fic. There's an essay I may write someday about gendered language and trope trends and the difference between women who found hockey through fanfic and women who found fanfic through hockey, but the short version is that as a lifelong sports fan, my tastes don't overlap much with hockey rpf fandom. Sometimes that makes me want to flood AO3 with nitty gritty game details, and sometimes it makes me want to salt the earth and spend several months in tiny book fandoms. But there really is nothing like hockey for violence and intense homoerotic intimacy and aggressive male social behavior (gee, I wonder why I imprinted on The Raven Cycle so hard). It's always frustrating when fandom is on a totally different wavelength than you are, but if you love the source material enough, I think you can always make it work.

Unsurprisingly, when I write A/B/O, it's from the POV of a squeaky clean alpha with hidden anger issues falling for a snarly, insubordinate omega. I don't think I would've started reading omegaverse if not for hockey fandom, because omega hockey players by necessity have to be stronger and meaner than delicate wilting flowers. The twink/uke/mewling omega aesthetic really doesn't do it for me, but I like the animalistic power displays and uncontrollable primal urges. High protocol in regular BDSM is a big turnoff, but somehow it really works when it's such a normalized part of the culture that your coach might put you on your knees if you're craving domination (mmm, clinical public use of nervous college boys by their handsome coaches For Their Own Good). Organized sports are a great background for submission that isn't tied with how tiny and pretty and effeminate the sub is, and the kneeling trope is pretty much my favorite thing fandom has ever produced. If it trended a little less towards kink-as-trauma-therapy and OTPs and a little more towards dubconny male power struggles and whole team dynamics, I'd probably never leave the fandom again. Well, that and if they stopped writing my team as evil abusers who only exist to make Tyler Seguin cry.
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Do you like the vibrant cultures in The Raven Cycle? Do you like Kavinsky being utterly wretched and perving on poor Ronan? If so, drop everything and read Far From The Rhodope Mountains. It's everything I never knew I wanted from a Jewish Kavinsky fic.
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Hi! Here are some general ideas and things I like. I don't have any triggers and I'm hard to squick, so don't be afraid to go a little dark. Don't feel like you need to slavishly follow my prompts--as long as it generally fits the stuff I like, I'm sure I'll love it! I already know you have excellent taste in pairings. :)

LIKES: complex characters, unhealthy relationships, cultures and culture clashes, codependency, whump and hurt/comfort (the hurtier the better!), darkfic, sadfic, humor, shenanigans, power struggles, happy endings, unhappy endings, violence, food as a metaphor for love, forced or nonsexual intimacy (bed sharing, washing, wound tending, etc), magic and the supernatural, detailed settings, found families

KINKS: rough sex, bad decision sex, bondage, blood/pain/bruise play, dominant men, submissive men, dominance/submission that's spontaneous or unexpected, uniforms, obedience, loyalty, gender fuckery (including exaggerated heteronormativity), dirty talk, daddy kink, shame and humiliation, power bottoms, service tops

DISLIKES: kidfic, AUs that totally remove the canon setting, zombies, needles, excessive description of kink safety

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I'm exclusively a lurker on tumblr, but everything you've heard about Kavinsky stans is absolutely true. tumblr.com/tagged/joseph+kavinsky is filled with the most persecuted, downtrodden, oppressed fans this side of Loki's resistance. They claim they don't glorify or whitewash Kavinsky's behavior, but cry for blood whenever Stiefvater calls him a bad person. They interpret everything Stiefvater says on her blog in the most negative way possible, tag their posts "fuck maggie" where she can definitely see them, and pride themselves on being the only ~accepting~ corner of fandom. They headcanon Kavinsky as the protective, loving pack dad for a gang who are sooo much more diverse and feminist (yes, feminist) and accepting than those dumb nerds Maggie keeps writing about for some reason. They think Gansey is a horrible violent oppressor and Kavinsky just wants love.

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